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Inside all of us, there is an amazing human. A human that is strong; a human with unlimited energy; a human that is beautiful; and a human that is healthy. For most of us that human is caged by years of eating the wrong foods. Work with me and you will learn how to use Nutritional Ketosis to escape these dietary cages, to change your lifestyle, to unlock the real you.


"Nutritional Ketosis gives all of us a chance to love our food and our bodies."

Online Assessment and Coaching

Beginning with a Skype session, Anya will learn about your nutritional habits and history, outlining the necessary path to unlock you. The online program consists of six to ten 1:1 private sessions over a two to three month period scheduled at times convenient for you.


Do it yourselfer? Great! get plenty of the advice you need from Anya's e-books. Titles include Have Butter Sex , Anya's Next Book, and Anya's award-winning Anya's Third Book.

In-Office Consulting and Assessment

With offices in Encinitas, CA. Anya can perform a detailed nutritional assessment. As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Anya is able to test for inflammation, sensitivities, and deficiencies through a physical examination. Upon completion of this examination, Anya can recommend non-recommended supplements as well as outline a step-by-step personalized action plan to ensure success in keto adaptation.

Keto Food

Unlike other lifestyle nutritional choices, keto is tasty! It is tasty because it is what our bodies love to eat!

Team Anya

Anya Swanson

Founder, Ketosis Guru and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Coach Anya has been on Keto since August of 2011. She is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. By analyzing ancestral diets and lifestyle from her native Ukraine, she was able to unlock the secrets to a sustainable nutritional lifestyle centered on a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Brad Thorson

VP Operations, Evangelist

Brad has been on nutritional ketosis since meeting Anya in August 2015. By adopting the low-carb, high-fat program Anya recommended, he was able to stabilize his weight and reduce, ultimately eliminating his dependence on medications for Type II Diabetes.

What is Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis is using a low-carb, high-fat diet to change your body's metabolic and hormonal core.

There are only two sources of fuel your body can use to power itself - these are fat or sugar (glucose). Ketosis (KETO) is a condition when your body burns fat for fuel. Most people in our society today burn sugar (glucose) for fuel, not fat. Glucose comes from eating carbohydrates. Most carbohydrates you eat, such as pasta, bread, pizza, beans, rice, potatoes, corn, added sugars, sweets, etc., are converted into glucose by your liver. Burning glucose for fuel is a very inefficient and damaging way of fueling your body. As a matter of fact, being a 100% sugar-burner leads to premature aging and to most of the modern diseases rampant today, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and the myriad of other debilitating diseases. Note that most of the modern diseases were rare or not known just 100 years ago. And about 10,000 years ago, before the advent of agriculture and popularization of grains, most of your hunter-gatherer ancestors were healthy, robust, powerful, and amazingly strong! And today, you can be that, too! By switching to burning fat for fuel you can totally heal your body and add many years of healthy, vigorous living to your longevity. Being in ketosis can help you with weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, seizures (especially in children), dental decay, and many other physical and mental diseases. Try ketosis before reaching out for harsh expensive chemicals in a form of pharmaceutical pills - you may just be astonished how powerful your body is when given a chance! You can heal yourself! Do not try it alone, as switching from sugar-burner to fat-burner can be rough and treacherous, if not dangerous in some cases. To succeed, you need the extensive knowledge about keto-adaptation.

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I have lost a total of 35 lb so far, following your advice; I feel great and am told that I look 5-10 years younger - seriously! It was no accident you and I connected when we did. Everyday I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom you have provided me with concerning food and the food industry. My life has forever changed... for the better of course - thanks to you.

Louise Demers

It’s been about six months now and I cannot believe the changes. I lost the extra pounds that I could never lose. I can fit into my old clothes! I have noticeably more energy. I sleep better and I feel better as well. My boys seem to be happier and friendlier, too! Wow, they are fighting less, too! What a break for mom. It’s been great and I am sticking with it. Thank you!

Lisa Kim

Registered Nurse
We’ve been on your diet for the last five months now and we can tell a huge difference! My wife and I can tell the energy and the joy of life has returned into our family. I wish we worked with you long time ago. It simply makes sense. It is the only way to eat for us now. Your work has changed our lives! God bless you and thank you for your amazing work.

Mark Melnyk



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